Avoid this Fee for Loan Scam - Aazam Moses and Darien Abraham

Darien Abraham (of Darien Abraham Loan Company – darienabraham12@gmail.com ) was a connection on LinkedIn has many mutual connections with me.  I reached out to him for a personal loan through his company and he referred me to Aazam Moses Company “who has funded loans for many of his referrals”.

I then reached out to Aazam Moses Company (345 Avenida Morumbi, Sao Paulo, Brazil – aazammoses@gmail.com ) and was given basic terms of the loan and told that the advance fee would need to be paid to secure the loan.  Because it was a referral and the fee was reasonable, I agreed based on the assurance that the loan is all set.  After that fee was paid and secured, I was then told there was another fee that is required for international wiring of funds.  Seemed shady to me so I asked Darien Abraham and he assured me it is legit and that the transfer fee is typical.  I complained about it not being disclosed previously, but at this point was expecting my funds and could not hold up the process.  Once that fee was paid, I was told that now there was an unexpected fee for money laundering clearing to ensure the funds could be processed.  I refused and stated that I am calling this out as a scam.  They both assured me the funds would be deposited within two hours of the last fee being secured by Daniela Isaltina Alves, in Aazam Moses Company’s offices.  At this point desperate and already out money, I refused.  I was then told that my full fee balance would be refunded if the loan proceeds were not properly deposited within two hours of the fee being paid.

I paid the fee.  3 hours later, there was still no funds.  I emailed to follow up and was told there were complications and they are working on it.  I followed up throughout the day and then ultimately responses stopped from all parties.  No more replies to emails, no funds deposited and no refund of the fees paid.  Eventually, he got back to me assuring me it would be deposited in two hours.  It never was and he came back to me another two days later stating that there was another fee needed to release funds.  I refused to make another (4th) payment of fees and demanded the full refund promised when I paid the third fee and was assured, again, it was the last fee and full refund would be provided if loan proceeds not deposited in 2 hours.  At this point, they threatened me with the fact that they have my banking and personal information (implying they’d use it for ID theft or otherwise)

The result: I have no loan proceeds and no refund.  Out all of that money ($1,680).

Total scam am I’m a dummy for falling for it.  Just don’t want anybody else to fall victim to Aazam Moses, Daniela Isaltina Alves, or Darien Abraham.

Be careful. They had very legit looking documents and process.

Fraud Perpetrators:

Aazam Moses

Daniela Isaltina Alves

Darien Abraham

Aazam Moses International Financial Investment/Lending Company

Darien Abraham Loan Company